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Office Reception Area – Blue Moon Hotel
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Infrastructure development investment JSC
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Blue Moon Hotel – Four Stars
4 Phan Boi Chau St.- Da Lat
69 standard rooms – 2 VIP room – 1 meeting hall – 1 meeting room
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The busy modern life is always the sample of successful people, and after so many stressful works at the company, they will request for a relax with a comfortable place, where can make them happy and smile, that only can be the house…. Simply designed, prefessionally beautified, the Tuyet Anh Villa which is next to the Sai Gon river, with the creative interior, is one of the dream – house of many people. The precise combination of the yello, the grey and the white seem to be talking about something very light and flowing, simple but professinal, natural and full of vitality… The bed room, the dining room, the kitchen and the living room are designed in a creative concept which make them cooperate together very well to make a wonderful building, with pretty details. It ‘s truthly a sample of the 21 century house, will be sure to be full of smile and something very relax….