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Kitchen Room – Mr. Kien’s House
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Nature of each house is warm, a place to come back after a hard working day, to relax and feel comfortable. So, enjoy the full integrity of the architectural space for every house owner is important, not just the nice value on aesthetics, but also valuable in the beauty of the soul, creating the feeling relaxed and happy. This house is an example. the orange yello of natural wood didn’t make you feel hot, but harmony between natural light and create perspective of sensory nerves, elegance but simple. The sustainable wood symbolize the “forever” The architects designed the interior of GiaViet Interior knew, and realized that the value of living space must be really integrated with the subject, and people, to create the happiness to the owner. We can see the subtle and sweet presence anywhere in the house, whether a small angle. So we know that not only the vibrant colors is attractive, but also the most simple beauty is enough to make your house become a magic And certainly, it will be what GiaViet Interior can help you build.