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Modern House
Customer's name:
Architect Huan Nguyen Quang – GM of Modern Architecture Design Co
Work's name:
Modern House
9B Thai Van Lung St Dist 1 HCM city
Major works:
5 floors – 8 rooms
Main materials:
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General introduction:
One of the most easily recognize features in the house of a successful man is “You always can see the harmonious combination of an office with a house – the two notions that we usually think that ‘s so different. But here it is, the supplement its gave each other when combination in a space can make you surprised The clever arrangement, with some speciel details madefrom inox and glass, really made the room shining, the working enviroment of this office now look so professional with it’s interior. Beside, the soft – hard association also make the room’s bigger, more comfortable for the people who work there. This lool really make people surprised when enjoying it, even the people who design the ideas for this office. With every working space, we can easily think about a small hosue with full of shining, music and wind. The interior with many thing from natural will make people more comfortable for working there. The working space of the manger is designed carefull, it show the professional of a company ‘s leader: big table like the power, modern chair like the creation, small bookstore with many function like the variety of mind… And so many other beautiful things can make you surprised: a little relax room, a little bar, a comfortable bedroom, a set of tabl at the balcolny with sun and wind. Everything make we feel so combinative with the natural, and how Gia Viet Interior make you feel in your house. The difference is the Power.