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Diamond Bay Resort
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Hoan Cau JSC
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Phòng VIP – Resort Diamond Bay – Nha Trang
Song Lo – Nha Trang
VIP Room – Diamond Bay Resort – Nha Trang
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The tour won’t be interesting if you do not have good resort to stay. Most resorts are now meeting the needs of visual [beautiful scenery] or hearing [sound of sea], but only due outside the room where you sleep…. Please look at this room, I see a combination of complete and perfect in terms of architecture Interior Decor, and Gia Viet have built a perfect space, just simple modern, as in a natural waves at sea barrier and leave the sun flash on rooms, bringing a relax feeling The bed is the combination between classic and luxurious, and see the comfrotable reading sofa, simple dressing table, the dark brown colour of wood gives us the fresh feeling. Bathroom is also a new breakthrough, beautiful interior and successful in bringing the nature into the room, users will be feeling as bathing in the sky and sunshine.. The beauty is simply found everywhere in the room….